Guideline on how to swap $Meteor (ETH) to $bMeteor (BSC)

First step is to access the burgerswap Dapp by visiting

Before going any further, you’ll be required to connect your wallet to the Dapp. Make sure you have enough ethereum(ETH) and Binance coin(BNB) in your wallet to pay for transaction fees.

After successfully connecting your wallet, click on “Bridge” and select “bToken Bridge’’ from the drop down menu that appears.

Click on the downward arrow as shown below.

Type “Meteor” into the search box that appears and select it.

Next, enter the number of tokens you intend to swap. Click on approve and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

After your transaction has been approved, click on “Create crosschain assets” and also approve the transaction in your wallet.

To receive your $bmeteor, the system requires that you change your wallet network into Binance Smart Chain.

Acquire your bMeteor by clicking on the “Receive” button and confirming the transaction in your wallet.

Check your wallet to view the corresponding swapped value of $bMeteor.

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Meteorite network is a Hold-to-farm Defi protocol. Holders of $Meteor can place bets on major sporting events on METEORBET and stand a chance to win $Meteor.