Hey guys, its been a hot minute since our last update so we wanted to keep you informed on what we are currently building, what we are planning for the immediate future and how we plan on expanding our platform moving on.

Sir we need more options!

We have been working around the clock on adding more options to the betting platform at meteorbet.org. Just recently we have added options from boxing, various leagues of football, the UFC and also the next Rebase option for Base. As we keep adding more and more options we expect the traffic to continue to increase. As for what we are adding next: We are looking towards more Crypto betting options, expanding into the eSports matches and of course the NFL. We will be posting polls to see what YOU the community would like to bet on the most, an example would be for the eSports section (LoL, Dota, CSGO) as it is you guys, the community whose opinion matters the most.

Sir what problems are you solving?

We have found out our main issue right now is the lack of liquidity. As we have the built in ‘Hold to Earn’ system we needed to think of a way to also reward Liquidity providers. Our solution for this problem is we have agreed that Liquidity providers will now earn 60% of all the fees generated from the meteorbet.org platform!!! This solution will allow us to focus 100% on bringing more traffic to the platform as the more traffic we generate, the more liquidity people will provide, the more fees people will earn.

But sir how are you going to bring in more traffic to the platform?

As we stated before we are expanding the betting options and branching into more sports and more crypto options but we wanted to go one step further. We posted a poll in the Telegram group not long ago for ‘Would people like to bet against each other?’ It came back a resounding Yes of 96%. So we have listened to you as promised! We will be building onto the platform a Group betting tournament. We will be starting with the NFL and it will work like this. You will buy in to the tournament with X amount of Meteor tokens, you will then select a winner for all the NFL games of that round with 1 game having a margin that you will input. Whoever has the most winning teams will win a % of the pool. In the circumstances of a tie (Multiple players has 8 winners) then whoever picks the closest margin on the game of the round will be declared the winner. We will also create a free to enter pool with a little prize money to help bring in extra players!! As this will be implemented ASAP we will start to expand on this with extra added games, think CASINO but more info will come in the next article.

Sir What about ease of use?

Another issue we really wanted to solve was making the platform as easy to access as possible. For this solution we have come up with creating a Mobile app. At the click of a button you will be able to access the betting platform on your phone anytime and anywhere.

Sir any marketing coming?

The short answer to this is Yes. As we have the platform now up and running and we are creating these extra betting options and the player vs player pools we are now preparing to launch into our Marketing campaign. We have been in talks with large crypto groups to provide awareness about our product, we are stepping up the AMAs and we have been in talks with some respected crypto influencers. Its all going to start moving really quick now so strap yourselves in, this will be fun!

Until next time.

Meteorite network is a Hold-to-farm Defi protocol. Holders of $Meteor can place bets on major sporting events on METEORBET and stand a chance to win $Meteor.